Andy Wong


Having graduated from the Launch Academy 2014 Fall Cohort, I've learned best practices on learning new skills, pair programming, Git & Github, agile development, Ruby, and how to build web applications in frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Sinatra.

Since November 2014, I've been working at Cogo Labs as a Web Engineer, where I've developed mobile-first applications in Python and JavaScript, using frameworks and tools such as Django, Flask, Node.js, and Grunt. I've also built several apps that interact with or run APIs.

I frequently deploy personal projects online, and you can see the source code for them at

I've also been a founding member of the Boston Comics Roundtable since 2006, who are a group of great folks that publish and draw comics in the New England area. Together, we created the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo which has been running every year since 2010.

You can view my art portfolio as well as read about my experiences here on this site.